Only country on the coast of Adriatic Sea to offer duty free diesel

Albania no longer offers duty free diesel

Mostly know and visited by majority of pleasure and commercial yachts, as well as being greatly positioned, Albania was hotspot for supplying duty free diesel in the previous years. Being close to Montenegro, Croatia, Greece and across the sea from Italy, also backed by having low price, it became extremely popular among captains and owners alike.

Now, other than having low cost, duty free fuel (very good quality nonetheless), Albania did not have much else to offer to captains, crew and owners in regards to infrastructure for yacht and mega/superyacht. Although having plans for big investments to boost nautical tourism and looking to improve on their offer in berthing and docking places, Albania only has two main points of interest currently. First being Durres, commercial port in the north (convenient for yachts going to north of Italy, Croatia and Montenegro), while the other is Sarande, located just opposite of Corfu (convenient for yachts going to Greece).

By the end of 2021, it had all changed and made everything a lot harder for all parties involved in yachting industry in Albania, but in the rest of the yachting world. This is due to the fact that most of the charter/commercial yacht have plans for well in advance which finally became disturbed on January 1st of this year, when Albania Customs Authority has announced that there will no longer be duty free diesel supply of both commercial and private yachts in any of the Albanian ports. Meaning that all yachts relying on Albania for their bunkering operations will have to change their itineraries and adjust to new changes. As of now, there is no word of this changing during the summer season, even with the certainty of this being a big benefit for state budget…

Albania is following the current oil market status when setting the price and it currently 0.90 EUR/lit. Price still being very well under the price of the duty paid diesel price in almost every European country, it has increased for more than 50% compared to the way things were. Although, the price in attracting some clients and customers, it is more than certain that all price increases are noticed and are making a huge impact when talking about quantities of the mega/superyachts. Not helping the situation is the fact that the supply is with trucks, with only talks of introducing the pipe supply, again only in several locations.

Duty free diesel in Montenegro

Montenegro is and will be the only country on the coast of Adriatic Sea to offer duty free diesel supply on 2 different locations and 4 different fuel stations. Boka Bay area, having duty free stations in Porto Montenegro (Tivat) and D-Marine (Kumbor), as well as Bar, having again two options, Port of Bar and Marina Bar. This brings us the current situation in the Adriatic, where currently we are experiencing a sudden change of movement and increase of the yachts and megayacht, meaning that we would strongly suggest to book your refueling slot well in advance (3 days if possible). This will help in plans making and time organization. Price-wise, Montenegro has its price regulated by Government on 14 days basis, and usually remains around half of the price of the tax paid diesel.

As a leading agent in yachting sector in Montenegro, Allegra Port Agent agency is aiming to assist in making your stay in Montenegro as relaxed as possible, while providing full 24/7 support. Officies in all ports and marinas of the country are conveniently placed in order to make sure your needs are met and crew and guests are taken care of. Allegra’s agents car reserve the refueling slot, book the marina or restaurant or provide transfer and provisioning service, among the other things that are closely connected to yachting. Best witnessed by all of the major charter yachts and superyachts that are coming to Montenegro every year, the country has a lot to offer other than tax free diesel refueling. Nature is closely connected and intertwined by modern marinas, cultural heritage is part of the ports and people are worm and friendly.

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