Facts and Important numbers in Montenegro

Montenegro Facts


Montenegrian is the official language. English is commonly spoken by younger people, especially in places geared on tourism. Older people speak German or Russian if they have a second language.
Geographical coordinates: 42° 30’ N, 19° 18’ E  
Area: 13.812km²
Population: 662.000
Border length: 614km
The Capital: Podgorica (173.000 people)
Royal Capital: Cetinje (historical and cultural center)
Coastline: 293km
Beaches: 52km
The longest beach: Velika plaža, Ulcinj - 13km
The highest peak: Bobotov kuk (Durmitor) - 2.522m
The largest lake: Skadar lake - 391km
The deepest canyon: River Tara - 1.300m
The largest bay: Boka Bay
Time zone: GMT +1
Current system: 220 V/50Hz
Currency: Euro
Country Code: ME, MNE
Dialing Code: +382
Food and drink:
Inspired by the Mediterranean kitchen. Pasta and pizza, good meat on grill, smoked ham and good cheese especially from Njegusi. Lot and great variety of fish dishes and seafood. You can enjoy a fine traditional dinner at many different location. From wine list most popular wines are Vranac and Chardonay.


Important numbers in Montenegro


Police: 122
Fire department: 123
Ambulance service: 124
Help on the road: 19807
Weather forecast: +382 (0)44 800 200

AIRPORTS www.montenegroairports.com
Airport Podgorica (TGD): +382 (0)20 444 240 / +382 (0)20 444 242
Airport Tivat (TIV): +382 (0)32 670 975

RAILWAY TRANSPORT www.zcg-prevoz.me
Railway station Podgorica: +382 (0)20 411 211
Railway station Bar: +382 (0)30 301 615

T Mobile: 1500
M:Tel: 1600
Telenor: 1700

Montenegro Customer Care (tourist service): 0 8000 1300



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