Marinas and Ports in Montenegro

Allegra Port Agent work closely with local authorities in all marinas in Montenegro, from Porto Montenegro in Tivat to Kotor and Bar and finally to Dukley Marina in Budva.

Internationally, Montenegro borders Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. It lies between latitudes 41° and 44° N, and longitudes 18° and 21° E. Montenegro, one of the oldest European states, is situated on Balkan Peninsula, 1 hour from Rome (563 km), 2 hours from Paris (1494 km), 2.5 hours from London (1778 km), 3 hours from Moscow (1978 km); on the crossroads between Europe and Asia, and between the Adriatic Sea and Serbia, with rich history, culture and tradition.


Itinerary - Montenegro Marinas and Wonders




As you come in Montenegro from southern points, you'll have to do your clearance formalities in Port of Bar, so it is great place for you to start your journey here. Morning check in lets you make the rest of the day useful to enjoy the country.
After departure from marina in Bar you'll pass city of Bar, small touristic villages on the sea as Sutomore and Canj, and then arrive on Queen's Beach (Kraljicina plaza - N 42.2632904, E 18.890086), small, hidden beach which can be approached only by boat. This natural bay shows beauty of sandy beach and clear water.


Montenegro in nature beauty. Since it is unreachable from the land side, it is perfect place to rest, swim and enjoy the peace for a few hours. Further you can go on to historic little town of Petrovac, famous for mosaics dated from Roman period. This place offers various restaurants, beach bars and cafes during summer season. If you seek for more private and luxurious places for rest or maybe having a lunch you will find beautiful restaurants on the way to Budva, which have their own docks, or their stuff will take you with own tenders while you are anchored.
Sveti Stefan peninsula,which is a high class hotel complex, is surrounded with beautiful beaches, Milocer (N 42.2602849 E 18.8907645), Przno (N 42.268123, E 18.8898298), Kamenovo (N 42.2749629, E 18.8845378) and many smaller beaches.


After passing all this beautiful places you will come to riviera of Budva, one of most famous touristic places in the region. You can find berth in Dukley marina or you can simply choose one of two anchors, depending on the winds: Island of St. Nicola or near cape of Zavala and then use tender to reach the coast.


One of best nightlife in Adriatic is in Budva. Worldwide famous open club Top Hill is just one of more then hundred places where you can go out. Also, you can enjoy city walk around the Old Town and try national and international cuisine in plenty of restaurants.




Just behind old town of Budva is located beach Mogren (N 42.2762399, E18.8295445), and a bit further is Jaz beach (N 42.2820632, E 18.7978916), both known by own natural beauty and for events that were held there (Sea Dance festival, concert of Rolling Stones, Madonna, Lenny Kravitz and many others).


Just behind a cape there are two more beaches. called Trsteno (N 42.2816658, E 18.782638) and Ploce (N 42.2692133, E 18.7809657), known for their daytime parties which are awesome option for younger groups on board. As you sail ahead, you will come to bay of Traste, where is smaller bay Bigova, where are located several great family restaurants offering special food and vine experience. Other place which Traste is known for will open this summer - Lustica Bay marina, which is residential village with marina and all other services which offers. As you go on you will set sails in marina in Herceg Novi town, entrance of Boka bay, where you can take a walk around the old town, visit some of many festivals that are holding during summertime, organize yourself a night out or a simple tasty dinner with family and friends.




From Herceg Novi, you can go to beautiful fisherman village across bay, called Miriste. You can spend most of your day there since there is one of most beautiful beaches in Montenegro, Zanjice (N 42.3989554, E 18.5777177) surrounded with beach bars and famous restaurant Ribarsko selo (Fisherman Village), well known for their one of a kind sea food specialties.


Once you decide to leave, you can enter the bay slowly (speed limit is set to 10 knots, in Kumbor channel and the strait of Verige to 6 knots) and then berth in one of world best marina - Porto Montenegro. You will find plenty of things there, exclusive branded boutiques, huge pool area, five star hotels and restaurants, beautiful promenade, world class night clubs. Currently yachting place number one in Montenegro. All things that can be found there may suit anyone needs for sure.




Fourth day of our itinerary is fully located in bay of Boka, crown jewel of Montenegrin yachting tourism, natural landscapes, calm water, slow pace of whole ambient will make your relax. Across Tivat there is wonderful bay and beaches around Island of Sveti Marko and Ostrvo Cvijeca (Island of flowers), perfect for morning swimming.


After you can go through Verige strait to other part of Boka Bay. Old town Perast, prehistoric mosaics, and huge cultural heritage around town of Risan, delicious meals in restaurants where food is served in traditional ways as it was prepared in Montenegro, man mad islands with church built on it are just part of it.


As a cherry on top, old town of Kotor where you can settle yourself for night in marina Kotor, visit old fortress, beautiful old town, go out in one of largest indoor night clubs. Weather you are family or group of friends looking for fun, in Kotor you will find all kinds of entertainment.


As you spend your night in marina, in the morning you can leave further on your journey with feeling that every moment spent in Montenegro was perfect. Also you can refuel yourself with duty-free diesel in Porto Montenegro and then go further exploring other parts of Adriatic.

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